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      I just had a bride ask me if since their wedding was going to be small, would I be able to show the wedding at the reception.

      I have never tried to perform a Same-Day-Edit.

      What is involved?

      What kind of hardware/software would I need?

      Is there some special trick to it?

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      If you are doing a one camera shoot, loop the audio/video to a DVD recorder and play the raw footage. Rushing an edit can be a nightmare. The Applied Magic editor is capable of doing the task but you still mustcapture the video- the time consuming part unless you use a hard drive to capture at the wedding.

      My advice- say no unless they want raw footage shown. Don’t forget to charge for the nightmares they create!

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      I do a multimedia show with stills and video.

      Capture straight to hard drive (laptop+ext firewire drive, or firestore).

      get a video jockey program ( I’m still learning Module 8). and a projector.

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      You say to use a Firewire. Do you mean to capture the footage live during the wedding via firewire?

      So I guess there is no easy way to do this, unless I have an extra person to film while I’m sitting there editing? My video shoots usually consist of finishing up the church filming and rushing to the reception sight before the bride and groom get there so that I can film their enterences.

      There is just not a lot of time.

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      I wouldn’t do it. The bride is emotional at this point- no further comment. Most of the reception attendees were at the wedding and may want to enjoy the reception without re-runs. If anything is shown, maybe the vows. If it’s a small and short wedding you probably won’t make enough to warrant the headaches. Never risk messing up the master.

      Keith Breazeal/Flight Video Magazine http://

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      When you capture straight to hard drve, you will be capturing to dv tape at the same time….

      the rationalle is to avoid having to import after shooting. your tapes go untouched unless something goes wrong.

      you grab afew highlight clips to put in your show. not actually editing, but it does work and is alot of fun.

      don’t forget, what I do is alittle diferent. we do video and stills. There’s not alot of stills to be shot during speeches or dinner, so there’s time to assemble a quick show. soon we’ll be doing the music as well, so we’ll video jockey the whole reception and run our own photo and video clips to the beat of the music, cut with live video feeds off the dance floor to our projectors….Just traing right now staff for our launch of this service next season! I don’t consider other photographers to be my competitors…I saw the videographer, and the dj as two guys toting around similar/compatible (digital multimedia) equipment, each getting a slice of my customers wedding budget….so I’m taking em’ out with a single service that covers all three bases.

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      I my question is really…

      When do you find the time between the Wedding and the reception to edit this little montage?

      I literally have just enough time to get from the wedding to the reception, film some the pickup shots at the location and the the reception begins. My wife is an additional camera person but doesn’t know the software or computer technology.

      When would I have time to do this small edit?

      When do you get time? Do you have multiple people working your weddings?

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      I’d love to detail it all to you, but we’d like our competitors in this areas to figure it out on thier own…later.

      we also manage get 150-200 4×6 photo thankyou cards printed and distributed at the reception.

      We’re good. that’s all there is to it.

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      No offense, but that response was very un nessecary. This forum is here to help not to go Nah nah nah nah nah nah, I’m better than you.

      If you’re not going to give a helpful or even supportive response , then DON’T respond.

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      I belive I answered every question you asked. I don’t owe it to you to write your business plans for you or teach/give away propriety company info. If you can’t show a little grattitude for what was given, use your brain to figure out the rest, at least have the decency to show a little respect and keep your “nah nah nah”‘s and “don’t respond”‘s to yourself.

      for example after I repeatedly said “WE” you ask if I have multiple people working. After I tell you exactly when I have time to do it, you ask when do I get the time to do it. you asked for software and hardware and I gave a list. you take the time to mouth off to me, when you couldn’t even bother to read the answers to questions you aksed?

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      the real time waster is the time spent setting up equipment. it takes time to set up tripods, laptops, harddrives, lighting.

      of course, if your equipment arrives to the jobsite already set up, running under it’s own power, you may find more time for other things.

      before the new forum forced me to change my name, some people may remember my earlier post under my old handle….


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