Rushing is bad.Really bad.

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      I ran an interview with a busy executive the other day. First it was on, then it was off and then back on again. In the end Ihad about fifteen minutes to set up. I learned to never rush the setup again, I so learned!Reasons:

      I ran two cameras and one was not well positioned. The one that was well positioned had a new Rode mic on it which I didn’t turn on( eye roll) so no sound at allto that camera. Getting a synch in post was a royalpain. Also, myDR-40 was setmuch lower than I would have preferredbecause didn’t check it in my rush.My biggest issue tough is that Imanaged to get a microphone untidily intrudinginto the frame in both videos.

      I shot in 1080p and all things aside it’s a good interview and I was thinking that I should be able toisolate the part of the frame I wantby changing the resolution to 720p (?). I’m using PP CS5.5 and was wondering how to select that part of the frameI want to show and to discard the offending mic? Is there another way that would let me keep 1080p?

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      Much easier in After Effects with a mask. There was an article in Videomaker a couple of years ago I think that demonstrated precisely that. Depending on what the background looks like, you duplicate the layers, and then you draw the mask around the mic and subtract that area out. Move the underlying layer over a bit, feather it to your liking, and viola–mic free. Or if you don’t have AE, rather than downgrade to 720p, can you click on the footage in the preview pane and you can re-size it there and move it around? I do that frequently when I want to zoom in, or re-center the shot, or take things out of the shot. I don’t think there’s a way to “crop” the picture like you would in Photoshop. Not sure if either of these will help but worth a try.

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