Running Riot – Dead Air (Music Video)

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      Music video of band Running Riot performing Dead Air. This is the first
      music video I’ve ever made and it turned out to be a lot of fun Smile

      Cody Howle (Vocals/Guitar)
      Ian McDonald (Drums)
      Vinnie Guidera (Lead Guitar)
      Kevin Hayes (Bass)

      This song along with the rest of their debut album can be found on iTunes.

      Special thanks to Joseph Huerta, Charlotte Blake, Sarah Hansel and Camey K. for all their help.


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      A high-five to you, highfive! That’s awesome.

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      Looks like you did indeed have some fun with that production. Did you do the scripting and shot planning? I assume the folks you named below the band were camera/sound people?

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      Thanks for all the positive feedback :o) It was me mainly me doing the planning, production and post-production stuff while my sister Charlotte played the clown role and my friend Joseph supplied some of the equipment; the other two were just our groupies :p It was planned, shot, and edited all in about three days in order to meet a contest deadline so Im just thrilled that I was able to make anything out of it at all really.

      P.S. – Does the audio play slightly out of sync for anybody else but me? Ive only gotten to see it playout on one PC (my own) and three other macs…the macs play it out perfectly but my PC plays the audio out with about a 10 frame delay it seems like. Im just curious if my computer is the rule or the exception.

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      The audio did not appear out of sync to me. I usually pick up on that. I played it again just now and, unless I’m missing something, it’s dead on–strumming, vocals,headbanging… all perfect. Just FYI.

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      Oh, and that was on my PC, not a Mac.

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      Sweet! I can’t imagine what’s causing it to play out of sync on my computer (both streaming online and the raw file), but as long as it’s just me I’m fine :p

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