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      I am planning to get a new display to add to my configuration. I will have a 19" LCD and a new 22" Widescreen LCD monitor. I currently have a video card that supports 2 monitors (ati 9600) but I found a great deal on a new video card (x1600 Pro). What I want to know is, should I replace the old video card or just add the new one and run each monitor off it’s own card? Is there any benefit/drawback to either option? I hate to waste the "old" video card but I want the best performance. Any help would be appreciated.

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      I just recently did the same thing as you are planning. I didn’t remove or replace the exsisting video card, but instead, inserted a new card in my open express slot. Pluged both monitors in and walaa… dual monitors. πŸ˜€

      Actually, Gateway sent me two of them by mistake and when I tried to return it they said keep it. Go figure…. This card cost me about 200 bucks and I’ll sell the extra one that I have for half that. Still in the shipping box, never been opened.

      Look it up and see if it’ll work for you.

      NVIDIA Quadro
      PCI Express
      NVS 280
      64MB DDR SDRAM
      Made by PNY Technologies, Inc.

      Email me if your interested.

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      Sounds nice but unfortunately I don’t have PCI-e on my mobo. πŸ™

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      If you’re feeling adventurous, Best Buy is having a "Black Friday" special on this:

      It will be priced at 199.99. Not too shabby for a 22" widescreen lcd. I stopped to check it out tonight. looks pretty darn good. At 4am on friday, Best Buy will hand out tickets to whoever is in line outside the stores to buy them. My local store has 18 in stock. (Im also getting an emachines computer for my son for $190 with a 15" lcd).

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