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      Is there a rule of thumb for the speed of scrolling text?
      I’m thinking xx lines per minutes, etc

      The problem I have is since I author the movie, I know what the text is gonna be. Others have suggested that the text scroll too quickly.

      Also, what size font (or how many characters per line is average?


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      The size and type of the font being used, the spacing between each line and the length of a typical line all have to be considered. Obviously if you double space with large fonts you can scroll a lot faster. If you are using a small font and the lines are on top of each other, you will need to go slow. Using a basic white font like an Arial style on a black background is the easiest to read. Double spacing also helps because as the line moves, your eyes can stay with the current line easier. When the lines are tightly bunched, it can be harder to read because of the scrolling affect. It other words it’s easier to lose your place along the way.

      The only real way to judge the speed it is to sit back in your chair and read it to yourself out loud physically looking at each word. If you can keep up then you should be OK… keeping in mind that reading out loud normally takes longer than reading to yourself.


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