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      If you need royalty free songs for a film or production check out Music, music with lyrics!

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      I have a couple more to think about here:

      Ambient Music Garden: Royalty-free ambient relaxation music.

      Electronic Music Library: Royalty-free chilled electronic music.

      Hope this helps someone πŸ™‚

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      Add this to the list!

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      Try, an innovativeonline marketplace for royalty-free music.The MusicRevolution.comproduction music library hasover 11,000 tracks of affordable, high-qualityroyalty-free production music suitable for film, video, TV, radio, website, background music,legal music for YouTube, on hold music and other business music applications. New music is being added every day.Single tracks start at just $9.99. I am the co-founder.

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      You may also check my fast growing music library at:

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      SmartSound’s patented soundtrack solution is hands-down the best way to
      add royalty free music to your films and videos. We’re so confident that
      you’ll love it, we’re giving you a free copy of our Sonicfire Pro
      software and 10 Free Customizable Music Tracks to use in your projects.
      The music and software is yours to keep!

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      AS Craig states, Sonic Fire Pro IS really good – I use it whenever I need exact lengths (to about the second) of really nice assortments of music – They run specials every now and again (like 5 discs of about 8-10 songs each for $100) which make it affordable for everyone (including me). I also love the new scoring edition of the software – Gives me a LOT of control in how the music flows.

      Also good was CineScore from Sony – They pulled it (couldn’t or wouldn’t compete with SmartSound) from the market but I have seen copies of it on eBay – I liked the control it gave (like Sonic Fire Pro) but the music was not nearly as varied or abundant as SmartSound’s, albeit I think their interface gave me more control plus it works as a plug-in with Vegas.

      I also love Digital Juice’s StackTraxx series – They are no longer sold (they might make return special appearances but you’d have to check the website regularly) – Their newer music offerings – MusicBox – are good as well.

      There are many other options for RF music as well – A search of these forums will produce many threads with dozens of websites (some good, some awful) with price points ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. Best bet would be to look at as many of them as you can and listen to what they offer and note the price – Then purchase what you a) like and b) can afford.

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      Heres some royalty free piano music, this is what youre looking for!

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      If your project is non-profit, check out The composer has made several dozen tracks available for independent/not-for-profit productions just for asking (and production credit) I’ve used them a couple of times. The hard part was convincing You-Tube that I actually had rights to the track, but we got it straightned out.

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      Our site http://rocksuresoundz.commay as well be in the ring here too so to speak. Royalty-free music and sound effects for download

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      I want to share http:///

      is a royalty free music library that offer piano music tracks for media projects

      I hope you find this site helpful !


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      Hello there
      Just wanted to share a royalty free music library.

      You can download free lofi stock music samples before make any purchase.

      They also have an iframe beta version in which you can test live any youtube video or flickr Photos at

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      AvatarGeorge Milstein

      Recently launched source of Premium Quality Royalty-free Music and Audio:

      Definitely worth visiting!

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      Hey Guys,


      I just wanted to add another link. It's for a new site called Stereobot. Admittedly I'm probably a little biased, as I work for the company. But I think the site is pretty sweet. We’ve spent quite some time making the site not only aesthetically pleasing, from a design standpoint, but also a useful functioning tool.


      Check it out….


      Here's the link—


      and the press release—




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      Here is another good link for stock music, Photos, and Footage.

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      We have some completely free Royalty Free Stock Music on our website for non-commercial projects.

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      I've found a fast-growing source of Hand-picked Royalty Free Music that would like to recommend to others.

      In case you're looking for sounds or sound effects, check these links: royalty-free soundsroyalty-free Sound FX.

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