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      I know that people are always looking for royalty free music and there is a weekend deal from digtal juice with there BackTraxx 1 and 2 music library for only 79.95 each. I have both of these packages and it is a lot of music for a small price.

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      I have them both as well – Very good value.

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      I did not see theBackTraxx 1 and 2 perhaps the offer is no longer there. I noticed they had layered music but it still comes in only 10, 15, 30 and 60. For highly customizable music lenghts check out they have incredible specials on their music at times Plus their now acquirering more vocal artist.

      This is layered and you can create a perfect 4 or 6 second lenght if your want to highlight an action or burst an intro.

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      The offer was for the weekend only (wellllll – Dave Hebel usually extends them to Mondays as well but….)

      I’m pretty sure they will show up again – sign up for notifications from Digital Juice to find out about all their special deals – I get two emails per day from them and have gotten STEALS from them in the past due to it.

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      AvatarTv-5 of Hadley

      Check out “the Footage Firm” — They send out regular e-mails to remind you of the stuff they’re giving away that week… Yes, giving away! Including rights-free production music.

      They really produce looping and background footage, B-roll, etc., HD and SD. But they have a full set of Sound FX plus a nice 10-disc library of production music. You can sample them on their site to check’em out .

      So they give away particular selections of discs every week, you just pay handling on each. So instead of $129 ea they’re only $8.51 ea. !!

      I’ve gotten quite a few … rolling video, loops, aerial shots of all kinds, and they’re fine!

      I have a couple of their Music discs, and the Sound FX collection.

      And I believe they are still promoting free music albums. Only downside is they really don’t have a lot of classical flavor stuff:

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      I have used Smartsound for several years and can recommend it. Through the “miracle of modern technology” it lets you generate music to the exact length you need and even modify the speed, mood and instrumentation. At first, the discs seem expensive at about $99 for around 12-20 songs, but wait a while and they go on sale for about $25. You can also download individual songs at various prices.

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      Jaimie, glad to see you mention Smartsound. Their technology really is amazing. We offer some of our music through them, and I am always surprised at how well the software works.

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      Hello people,

      The sites you are mention are good !

      I like to share a nice website that offer piano tracks in the royalty free model

      the page is

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      These sites are awesome! I would like to suggest another cool and nice site called They have a wide selection of royalty free music!

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      @Tom – It is apparent that you are affiliated with ntracks. To pretend in your post that you are not (“they have” vs. “we have”) is called astroturfing and not allowed on these forums. Also, spamming by putting multiple posts touting your company is also not allowed and adding non-pertinent messages to old threads is highly frowned upon.

      I deleted your posts in the other message threads leaving the one above up.

      FYI – For me (and I don’t think I’m alone here), behavior such as this portrays Ntracks in a very poor light and I personally would not consider adding your products to my stable of over three thousand royalty free musical selections.

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