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      I am not sure what is going on here but I made the video and now I imported it into Roxio MyDVD and it burns fine. But when I go to play it back, it freezes at the same point everytime. I have burned 3 dvd’s and all three of them have done the same thing. If I watch the file on the computer (not the off the DVD) it plays fine all the way until the end. Any idea and thoughts on this? Or atleast where to start?

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      A quick question about your DVD’s. Do they happen to be Dual Layer DVD’s? My older DVD player won’t play DL DVD’s, it just stops at the point where it switches layers. So that could be the problem.

      Let us know about the DVD’s and we’ll troubleshoot more from there.

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      How do you I know if its a dual. If it helps its a Staples DVD 4.7gb. I have tried playing it on my playstation 2 and that is where I noticed the problem. It also happened on a dvd player and also on my computer watching it from the DVD. I do not think that is the problem though.

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      Google it

      Put whatever you can think offor a search, dual layer dvd,etc.

      You might find help

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      Thanks Ill see what I can find. I need to get my Encore to work so I do not have to use this program.

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      Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away. (It was kinda exciting, my first grandson was born!)

      Okay, your DVD’s are normal single layer (dual layer DVD’s have twice the storage space) so you’re not having problems with the layer transition. So let’s get into specific details of the playback on DVD players. Have you tried the burned DVD’s in any other DVD players? At the point where the DVD’s stop playing, how does that happen? Does the player suddenly stop, with the last image frozen on-screen? Or do you get a bunch of blocky artifacts with sound playing fine until the playback grinds to a halt? The behavior of the video just before it stops can provide many clues as to why it is stopping.

      I use an old version of MyDVD to burn custom VCD’s and simple projects. But as I recall, there is very little control over the process of compression. So depending on a bunch of conditions you’ve got set to their defaults, your burned disc could be running into bit-rate problems. So while your computer’s DVD drive has the highest possible data transfer rates (to deal with data DVD’s & the like) your set-top DVD player will have the industry standard for when it was built. So in theory, we can burn disc’s that can’t be read by disc players. This is especially the case when we have a short video we want to burn with the highest quality possible. Depending on your particular editing workflow, you could be burning a file with a bit-rate higher than your set-top unit can play. Which would explain why it works fine when played on your computer.

      So try out another DVD player to see if freezes on it too. You should also investigate what the bit-rate of your MPG2 files are and if possible, try buring a disc using a much lower bit-rate. There are several ways to do this, depending on the software you want to use.

      So good luck, and again, sorry about the slow response.

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      It did happen on a regular DVD player and playstation 2. I will look into the bitrate, if I remember right, I believe it was set at 29.97 if that was the bitrate. I remember something was set at that when I was editing the files.

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      What you are thinking of is the frame rate of your video. Bit rates are what determines the overall quality of video in playback. Generally you don’t have an option of bit rates on the editing timeline or project properties. For an example of bit rates, go to YouTube and watch a video with the option of higher quality playback (most of my YouTube videos have the option.) The normal playback option has a bit rate around 364 Kbps and the high quality playback has a bit rate of around 712 Kbps. But the DV format runs at 25 Mbps (or roughly 25,600 Kbps) and that rate is too high for DVD players to read.

      The question is, what bit rate is MyDVD using when it compresses video for burning DVD’s? My version of MyDVD has no options for setting a target bit rate. But I’ve got the older Sonic version from before Roxio bought them out. Now the big appeal for MyDVD is the ease of use, not the amount of control you get over the final product. Since I can’t tell you how to adjust bit rates in Roxio MyDVD, I’ll describe a fairly simple work around.

      This requires you to return to your NLE and render a new file. What you’ll need to do is to render into MPG2. Since you haven’t mentioned what NLE you use, I can’t describe the exact steps to follow. And I don’t know what kind of file you loaded into MyDVD, but I’m guessing it wasn’t an MPG2. So try using the MPG2 defaults and see if the rendered file isn’t smaller than your original file. Then go ahead and burn a new disc with the MPG2 file as your source video. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

      But if you were in fact rendering an MPG2 file for MyDVD to burn, then you will need to adjust your render settings. And bit rate is likely to be one of the options you can set. Just pick a rate one or two steps below the largest bit rate and try rendering then burning a disc using the new MPG2 as the source video.

      If you are having trouble understanding my description, let me know and I can try to explain things better.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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