Rowing regatta with multiple cameras

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      Hi, I have been experiencing with Gopros used to capture rowing regattas, and would like to get some feedback how I could lift this to the next level.

      Rowing regatta in Norway

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Hi Hans! Great video! Some suggestions I might make (keeping in mind that I am no rowing expert myself) is to have a camera in another boat that is keeping pace alongside the regatta. This way you can get more angles of the boat. Also, it might be interesting to mount a GoPro to the back of the regatta so you can see how fast the boat is moving across the water. Finally, it’s a little tough to tell how much distance they’re covering while rowing since the camera is mounted to the boat itself. It would be a good idea to have a “wide shot” camera on the shore to show how much distance they’re getting with each stroke and to be able to see the whole boat in one shot. If there’s no shoreline close to where they’re rowing, you can use another boat to get this shot as well. Of course, a helicopter shot would never hurt either 🙂 Just kidding, but great work on your video!

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      Thanks! Good points. I am experimenting with AR Drone, so maybe the helicopter could be reality.

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      Not exactly the same thing, and this sample clip is just part of a full-length, multiple-day competition event held by the Long Beach Junior Crew rowing team in Southern California, but as Daniel suggested, I had access at times to the coach boat and he worked to provide me with additional angles and access. It certainly helped the production IMHO. Just to share what I did somewhile back.

      I wish GoPro had been around when I did mine, those extra shots and angles were sweet, enjoyed your video. Earl

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      Nice storytelling. Yes, you are right. Access to the coach boat would have given me more angles. Not easy to get in a championship.

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