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      I saw a demo today of a wedding. They did a technique of doing a 360 deg around a cake table. They also “floated” up the church aisle. Every shot look so smooth.

      How did they do this? Every time I take my camera off of a tripod I am shaky! Is it just experience (upper body strength :)) or is there some fancy product they are using?

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      One way you can make a shot looksmoothis to stabilize it in after effects. Its right in the Motion Tracking controls. I can’t remember the exact name of the otpion…

      Hope this helps.. πŸ™‚

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      Yes – they most likely used a Steadicam or simlar stabilization device.

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      Might be too late for this one but….

      A steadycam is most likely the answer. I work for a fortune 500 company with a minimal budget(how does that work) and I had to create my own steadycam.

      A quick google search for $14 steadycam may just be your answer. I use it and can say it really works and it well worth the $14!!!

      Here is the link just in case you dont want to search google…..

      Good luck!

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      I sometimes use this effect. I leave the camera on the tripod and use it to give me a shot that looks like it is on a jib crane.

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      Check out

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