Rotoscoping in CS5

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      AvatarHJB Productions

      Any good tuitorial out there on rotoscoping in AE CS5. Under what circumstncae will you be using rotoscoping instead of a green screen.

      Please keep simple.

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      Check out this tutorial at Creative Rotoscoping is a great way to superimpose 2D animation over live footage to get more lifelike movement in your characters. There are a number of other creative things you can do with it, but that’s the main thing popping to mind.

      Rotobrush Tutorial

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      Rotoscoping can also be useful when you need to apply different effect to the foreground, midground, or background of a shot. For example you need to apply color correction to a figure in a scene but not to eh rest of the content of the scene.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I rotoscope a lot of color correction. Often the background is fine but I want to treat my principal character. Perhaps he has a zit or a booger on his cheeck? Yesterday I was editing a music video for a prominant artist and nobody on set noticed a piece of glitter on her face… or elected to ignore it and make it my problem. Every day I find a use to rotoscope something.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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