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      I want to record gigs that are really loud and was looking for a very cheap (i’m a student) camcorder that has an adjustable record volume/sensitivity to avoid just recording distortion, but most manufacturers websites don’t list this as a feature.

      Can anybody help/recommend a manufacturer? I assume this is essential as recording short clips on my (mostly stills) camera produces nothing but squawking sounds and I assumed camcorders would be the same. It’s not for professional recording so I don’t really want to have to use a separate sound recording and splice them back together.


      p.s. it has to work in low light too…

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      if there’s no such thing what about a camera that takes a decent picture in low light that actually even has an audio in socket?

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      I have a Sony HC40 – small, cheap camcorder (no longer made however) that will shoot in total darkness using infrared light (built in plus you can get an additional light) that allows for an external mic (mini plug or Sony has a shotgun that works thru the hot shoe).

      The low/no light option is called Night Shot Plus and shows everything in shades of green when not enough light is around to show color (like the ghost hunter shows). You can easily convert it to B&W or sepia to make it look better.

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