Rookie (?) Question regarding setting up a CS5.5 video for a specific spec

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      Hey creative peeps!

      I’ve been given a specific format in which to set up a video. I’m not entirely new to changing formats to videos, but this ones pretty important so i need to get the setup right. would someone be kind enough to talk me through setting up for the following specs? I can *kind of* remember that some of this wount be applied until i go to export the video, but i can never be too careful on this!

      Here’s a list of the specs that I’ve been given, which i’ll write out in exactly how they’ve written it. Thank you so much if you choose to spend the time to talk me through this. It will be very much appreciated!

      The finished video must be compressed to mpeg4 or quicktime (.mov)in H.264 codec with the following settings – Frame rate : 25p; aspect ratio: 1024 x 576 (SD); bitrates up to: 2000 Kbps.

      Any help on my initial setup so i can open a new premiere file and edit the footage i have to the correct spec would be much appreciated!

      Thank you in advance.

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      This frame size comes up from time to time and isn’t a ‘normal’ format so causes some strange problems – editing material with this size frame might stretch to fit the usual frame space causing fat or thin people – my memory tells me that the solutions to editing it involved cropping. There’s also rectangular v sure pixel size to consider.

      Do you have the clips to do the edit? Are they in the odd format? Or are they asking for the final edit to be rendered out at that format – which seems more likely. What camera produced the images? I think you could produce a new template to let you edit in that format, but what’s the end product going to be used for? I can see all sorts of issues getting it onto a DVD for instance?

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      the end product is for a business video, so it has been asked to be set in that format when sending (a 5min 30 sec video) that is meant to be no bigger than 100mb. my camera is a sony one that record in an mts format.

      i normally just edit the footage for our youtube page, so this is a little bit more than what I’m normally used to!


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      ah – makes more sense. Do your edit exactly the same as usual, then encode the output to that spec in the media encoder – in the encoder in the format column set H264, then in the preset column you need to select custom – you can then set the height and width – you need to uncheck the box to allow the non-standard screen size to be entered. just tried the encoder out on these settings and it seems to work fine – just a bit of an odd size. So edit in your normal HD preset and then just export it at these settings.


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      thank you so much for your help, it has been perfect!

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