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      I got assigned a project to record all of our company’s trainings. I intend to make all of these available via a computer on the network so our trainees can view them as "refreshers" as needed. I am limited in budget and need some good recommendations from the experts. I have very little experience in this area and would appreciate any advice.

      The trainings will all be held in low light conditions so that the trainees can see projector screen. The camera we’re going to need will need to compensate for the light level as well as allow us to view what is being projected on the screen.

      I was looking at the Canon GL2 and an FS4 storage drive that they have. The storage drive would be ideal for us as some of the training sessions last for several hours and would allow easy transfer of data to a computer. Does this seem like a good solution or is there a cheaper alternative? Is there anything else that I’m missing that would prevent this project from being a success?

      Thanks in advance!

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