“Rise of the prize economy”

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      Don’t know if anyone came across this article on video contests on the NYTimes blog a few months back http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/09/super-bowl-ads-and-the-rise-of-the-prize-economy/. I’ve been submitting to video contest for the last couple years. Sites like geniusrocket.com, vidopp.com, and filmthenext.com are great places to find these contests. It seems like there are 2 or 3 every month and sometimes the prizes are quite large. Def worth checking into.

      first charitable act

      One of the videos I created, “First Charitable Act’ which encourages people to challenge,create, or change something about their world was selected as a finalist for the Target/Converse One Star contest. The piece features a great deal of After Effects work which I would love some feedback on. Voting has entered the final week and if you enjoy I would appreciate you casting your vote and encouraging others to take a look. Or just giving any feedback would be really cool!

      Ben Redmond

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      I must profess jealousy, reverence, and respect for the mad AE skills, and the time and effort put into learning them. Well done.

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      Much appreciated. Spent the last 5 months or so addicted to AE tutorials and this was the first thing I’ve really been able to create from all that. So thanks! Means a lot.

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