“Ripping” footage from a DVD so that I can edit it.

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      I have been hired to re-edit a wedding video that is already on DVD. I edit using Final Cut Express HD. I was wondering if there is anysoftware out there that will turn the DVD footage into a Quicktime movie that I can import into FCE. Or do I have to copy it to a Mini DV tape first, then into the editing software…

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      Why do you want to convert to Quicktime, isn’t that compressed?

      Would you not be better off converting to AVI ?

      Try this program. The freebie is limited with the formats. The professional version US$ 29.95 does the lot


      Good luck and happy editing

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      Just a thought but did you ask if the bride tried to buy the raw footage. Many companies will allow you to buy the footage after a certain amount of time or even some will do it almost immediately.

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      Don’t you have to first RIP the files off the DVD before you can convert it? Which program do you suggest for doing this?

      Also, are there any DVD copy protection techniques for the event videographer?


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