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      I’m just starting to play around with editing software and was trying to capture something from a dvd…I need to know what software is superior for converting dvd files to formats friendly to editing environments. I want to keep as much data integrity as possible.

      I’m also guessing that converting from blu-ray is an entirely different undertaking…

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      As long as it is home movies and such, Handbreak works great for the download. Rips to almost any successful editing including H-264

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      This is great software… MPEG STREAMCLIP FOR

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      I’m running into a snag here. Say I want to capture something from a VHS tape that I’m running through a DSR-11 dvcam. I’m seeing the video in the capture window in both FCP X and in Adobe Premiere (I’m using trial versions of both of those), but it’s not capturing. I also tried to record the stream onto a dv tape in the dvcam, but it’s not recording. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious and simple. I’m just really brand new at this.

      Any thoughts?



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      There IS a switch left of center on the DSR-11 that allows for selecting DV, S-Video or Video, and so I would suspect that a home video might be played into the set for recording or passthrough to your software/computer.

      However, it’s possible an old commercial VHS tape might not cooperate with the DSR-11. I’m sure you’re NOT attempting to play a VHS videotape IN the DSR-11, but just in case you are, that won’t work.

      However, if you’re seeing the video in the capture window, I suspect something is awry with your settings but I couldn’t tell you what THAT might be. Something somewhere isn’t talking with the rest of your system. Could it be that switch I mentioned?

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      No. Tried that switch. Already had it set to video. The editing software is suggesting “no tape,” but since it’s showing the video, obviously my rca cable hook-up is functioning through the dv deck. I was hoping there was some editing preference i was missing. The hardware seems to be working as far as the deck is concerned.

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      Sean, I understand you’re saying “it’s showing the video” I just want to be clear that the video is actually showing in the computer monitor via the software, on/in the monitor preview screen?

      Just trying to JAM with you here and figure it out. Walk me through your complete setup: You have a camera or deck playing a VHS tape? Is that right? If so, tell me what output you’re coming from and what input to the DSR-11 your going into. Tell me what output from the DSR-11 you’re using, and going into WHAT? Tell me if you also have monitor out, audio out, and are seeing/hearing AV on both your monitor AND your computer system using the programs.

      I’m knee deep in editing a project but I will check here when I can and try to respond. Also, hopefully, maybe somebody else will also get involved.

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      Okay, I’ve found that at least on Premiere, I can capture, but using the DSR-11, I’m getting a distorted picture (even on playback). When I route the video from the tape player through my mini dv camcorder to the computer, bypassing the DSR, the distortion goes away.

      But when I capture directly from a mini dv using the DSR, there is no distortion. It appears that the analog inputs on the DSR-11 are not functioning properly.

      In your experience, do those devices wear out, or am i just trying to use it for a function its not suited for? Is there a better tool I should save up to buy?

      Thanks. I know you’re busy.


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      OK, just to be on the same page here: That DSR-11 switch we “talked” about earlier is ONLY for adjusting the unit for INPUT mode: DV (Firewire); S-Video; Video (VHS or RCA out from source to RCA INTO DSR-11.

      SO, if your VHS tape IS NOT a older, copy-protected commercial source, and you’re playing from a VHS tapedeck, INTO your DSR, you’d need to set that input switch to VIDEO and use the RCA IN on the rear of the unit.

      Assuming you’re trying to digitize a VHS tape as originally noted, unless you have a VHS playback source that allows for Firewire connection (an older JVC, Philips or some other model unit with Firewire connection) you’re not going to be successful.

      If that videotape you’re trying to capture is an S-Video (incompatible with a standard VHS videodeck) then you’re ONLY going to have success using an S-Video compatible unit and using the S-Video I/O cable (round cable, not RCA pin plugs) and the appropriate S-Video IN connector at the back of the DSR.

      IF you’re attempting to capture from a Mini-DV tape (and I know you know this, but I’m trying to cover all bases here) then it could/should play directly from the DSR unit, and provided you have the correct DSR OUT connected in back, going to the correct computer IN (Firewire usually, or sometimes S-Video, and sometimes RCA … depending on your computer AV input/output configuration.

      I HAVE successfully accessed Mini-DV (internally and from my Canon camcorders) going from my DSR, or the Canon, via Firewire, into my Mac Pro desktop. I’ve occasionally, for some weird, unfathomable reason, had Mini-DV tapes I’ve shot myself NOT be allowed to be copied by the DSR or using it as a passthrough, and had to use the Canon as a passthrough in order to get THAT rare MiniDV tape to cooperate.

      I HAVE successfully used an external playback deck in both VHS and S-Video both INTO the DSR and also using the DSR as a bypass. AND I’ve used the same situation using ONLY VHS IN/OUT directly into the DSR to record a MiniDV copy, to record a DVD copy (not always, but most of the time) or utilizing the DSR as a passthrough into the computer.

      I have flubbed up and made the wrong connections IN or OUT and/or TO or FROM source to DSR, DSR to computer, or the other way around. It HAS given me fits at time, but upon double-checking I’ve found I only THOUGHT I had everything connected properly … sometimes the monitor was showing me AV, but it wasn’t getting recorded, or I wasn’t getting AV feedback from the computer/monitor … sometimes it WAS recording but I had the NTSC monitor hooked up bassackwards.

      I’ve not yet confirmed from YOU that you ARE or NOT attempting to copy from an older commercial, copy-protected VHS or S-Video tape. That not being the case, then somewhere along the way you have something set incorrectly, I THINK.

      It would seem you’re getting closer, saying now that you CAN capture using Premiere (but I’m mixed up with the rest of that first sentence … “but using the DSR I’m getting a distorted picture even on playback.

      Then you say bypassing the DSR, using a tape player (VHS?) (S-Video?) (Mini-DV?) or all the above, or all three? through your MiniDV camcorder to your computer, bypassing the DSR, distortion goes away. Again, I assumed initially that you were talking about a VHS source tape. Now, it sounds as if you’re talking about all kinds of tape sources??? and I’m a little confused.

      Unless your ANALOG RCA Pin Plug I/O connectors on the DSR are loose and rattling, or obviously broken or something, they shouldn’t REALLY go “BAD” on you. I suppose that could happen if you did an excessive amount of plugging in/pulling out, connecting/disconnecting over a long period of time … and weren’t GENTLE about doing so.

      I suppose, also, that there could have been a problem with the connections on the DSR in the first place and if you’ve NEVER tried them, that manufacturing flaw could only now be showing up. But probably not.

      In my experience, when all else has failed or caused me headaches, my DSR has saved the day, and my bacon, many, many times. I acquired it new years ago because I was having some serious issues with my Canon’s, recording a lot of MiniDV tape with dropout issues due to clogged/dirty heads, etc. It actually played some tapes that originally would not playback clean from the Canon in which it was originally recorded. Go figure.

      There are scads of “tools” out there, some better, some cheaper, some more expensive, but I honestly cannot say I’m aware of anything that can do BETTER overall against the DSR so far as MiniDV or DVCAM tape access for playback or record.

      Sorry so late in responding, just wrapped up the project I need to deliver first thing in the morning … well, a few hours from now Pacific Time 😉 Hope I’ve been some help in some way.

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      Okay, now I feel guilty that you’ve spent more time and energy being more specific than I even spent, and I’m the beggar here.

      And all this while you were busy on a project.

      Thank you for your help. I should have been straight from the beginning. I’ve been trying to figure out how to capture a clip for my actor reel (which is like a resume for actors) from a commercial (or copyrighted) video. I know from searching on other forums that people tend to hesitate in approaching this topic.

      My goal is obviously not to use this for redistribution, or to make money, but I definitely need the quality to be fairly high if it is going to impress anyone I show it to.

      So maybe the distortion I was seeing via the DSR was due to this factor. Is there some piece of equipment or software that will allow me to accommodate this need more effectively?

      I feel like the information you have clarified dispels some of my cloud of confusion, but I’m still wandering around trying to find an adequate vehicle for converting this commercial product to a usable format. It’s only one small clip. But it has been a huge headache.

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      Makes sense, and I do not condemn you for wanting to repurpose that segment to showcase you in a personal reel. It has been my experience when working with clients with similar needs that they’ve all, not one exception, been able to go back to the source (whomever/wherever) and get not only clearance to use footage for such purposes, but (for a price) have been able to acquire the portion or ALL of the production in a format they can use without needing to get around copy protection.

      I’m almost certain the “distortion” you’re seeing is a direct result of whatever copy protection (MacroVision probably) has been incorporated into your source. It is possible a TBC (time base corrector) and/or certainly someone more sophisticated than me in combating such issues, with the knowledge of technology necessary to overcome videotape copy protection and the resulting signal distortion could FIX this for you … again at a price and potential delays I won’t even begin to imagine.

      Seeking/gaining permission and access to a useable video source is probably cheaper and quicker in the long run, and will also address the desire for as high a quality as possible source to utilize.

      I NEVER achieved a level of sophistication, or the equipment, necessary to bypass copy protection, urging my clients to achieve this through a more direct path with the original source. HOWEVER, I also realize that in many instances that source, or even the entity, is no longer available for whatever bounty of reasons.

      THAT being the case, if this video segment is THAT important and crucial I would suggest that if you cannot “discover” a way to break the protection, clean up the playback or correct the issue, then (if it were me and I HAD TO HAVE IT having tried all else) I’d likely take a step down in quality and re-record directly from a monitor (screen flicker, refresh rate, or whatever will need to be accounted for), acquiring via ANY MEANS POSSIBLE a clean playback that I could then work with to enhance or adjust in post to bring it up to the best quality possible via software manipulation.

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      Okay. Well stated friend. Thank you very much. I will try the go back to source approach first.

      I really appreciate your collaboration on this. I was pulling my hair out. It helps to bounce ideas off other people, especially, kind, logical folk such as yourself.

      I’m confident that I will defeat this issue, hopefully the simple method by going back to the source, which in my case, fortunately, is still available:)

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      Sean, let me know how things turn out with this. Earl

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