Ripped DVD Frame Rate Issues??

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      I shooting video On aCanon XL2@ with a frame rate 30. Covering a local dance competitions. I’m shooting tape and alsoDVDback-up with aSonyDirect burn.

      I had a tape error and now and ripping the routine I need from the DVD. With Wondershare DVD Ripper.

      The video looks and plays fine on my screen. However when I output from Final Cut Express the video doesn’t seem to have the right frame rate. any motion from dancers results in tracers or ghosting of moving arms/legs.

      I’m fairly certain it is a frame rate issue I tried everything to make them look nice and smooth but I’m not a video professional just a guy hired to run the camera and edit the dances..

      Any advice or help would be appreciated.

      screen grab below

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      60i or 30p.The difference certainly matters

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