Right presets for timelapse (+ occasionally video)? (starter)

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I'm a photographer from The Netherlands (sorry for my English) who is making his first steps in making time lapse video's.
Because i would like to be able to put different kinds of content together in a creative matter, i would like to invest my time right to learn to work with a good and versatile program as Premiere pro instead of the easy but very limited time lapse applications.
At first Premiere pro looked a bit complicated, but after some playing with it this weekend i think this is the right software for my needs.

Still i would like to know if i'm on the right track.

Camera: Canon (at this moment) 5d mark 2
Content: timelapse, sometimes combined with photo slides and HD video
Presentation: on my mac/ with a HD projector (connected to the mac)/ internet

Right now i use choose the preset (Premiere CS 5.5):
-Canon XF MPEG2 1080p30 (i want to keep some marge in slowing down)

This preset comes with:
29,97 fps
square pixels (1.0)
No fields (progressive scan)
display format: 30fps drop-frame Timecode
sample Rate: 48000hz
and video preview: I-Frame Only MPEG
codec: MPEG I-Frame

Then i import my full resolution jpg files (3:2 ratio).
I thinks it's better not to scale (in the Raw converter process), because i want to be able to use the Ken Burns effect with zooming when i want.
I cale them so they fit vetically, with equal black strokes on the sides in the 16:9 preview.
"Problem" with using this effect is that i have to create black vertical bars that stay on top (block) of the "moving" pictures. Without the Ken Burns effect photo's would stay centered with no problem. I think i have to do this by drawing a matte in Photoshop (still have to find out how to make it work in Premiere).
I change the time lapse fps in 8,10,12 fps, whatever looks good, and keep the video footage (if any) at 30 fps.

Can i use one sequence? What's the use of multiple sequences? And is there an order required in this in the project window? I cannot put content "in" the sequence (like a folder) and don't see the sequences on the timeline.

Is this the way to go for what i want, and is this a good preset? Or am i forgetting something?

And last about audio:
Do i get in trouble when i add mp3 files to the time lapse?
This is 44100 hz instead of the preset's 48000 hz.

I'm afraid to put a lot of work in a project with mistakes in the start that can't be changed.


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So you're asking how to create vertical letterboxes? I think your best bet is to create a black solid in Premiere with a four point garbage matte on top to cut out the center. Just keep that solid on the top layer and you should be fine.

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