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      There are so many providers of RF music out there, but does anyone know
      of any providers with actual cool music? Some qualifiers…

      1. Doesnt sound straight out some kid’s synethesizing software (ie actually sounds produced)
      2. Doesn’t sound like it’s from the 80’s (or 90’s for that matter) but sounds modern and cool
      3. Doesn’t cost rediculous amounts of money.
      4. Actually has music that you can legitimitely use in a myriad of
      corporate productions (ie its great to have these hard core cinematic
      hollywood scores…but often they just sound dumb in a corporate
      production). I need stuff I can use often in corporate videos, that just
      sounds modern / slick.

      I’ve had some success with some nice tracks from
      – but they just dont have the largest range. What is there seems to be
      good, but I feel like I have exhausted my options… I’ve requested
      client access to – but they dont post the costs on
      their site, and I have a feeling they are crazy expensive…

      Are there any gems out there that I am not aware of?? I’d love to hear about it.

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      Corporate video is a big portion of my business and for that genre I use Sonic Fire Pro extensively, followed by Digital Juice Stack Traxx.

      The SFP library is enormous plus they run specials very often and I have purchased many of their libraries for $20 each or less.

      DJ has brought back their Stack Traxx for $20 or less each but you need to catch them when they happen.

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      I found a gem of a site called Music Revolution that has some pretty good deals and good tunes.

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      We use Crucial Music at my work. You’ll need to talk with them to discuss your needs and the purpose of your videos so they can determine a price. We don’t do enough work to justify an annual subscription with them. So we just pay for each song individually when we make our videos.

      We pay $150 per song, which is more expensive, but their service cut down a lot of time in our music search and the quality of music is much better. So it’s worth the cost. If your videos are for sale, will be broadcast on TV, or used in a film, your cost will increase drastically.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester
      Participant is your friend.

      Real musicians and they haggle. bonus.

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       I use Sonicfire Pro by Smartsound.  There are numerous albums to choose from and they frequently have sales.

      If you’d like to hear some of the selections I’ve used, just click on the link:  Most of my videos have some of their stuff.  Good luck!!

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      Narrator Tracks Music Library.

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      Like a few other posters have mentioned, Smatrsound’s Sonicfire Pro is a great music creation program.It lets you get very creative with mixing various instuments and varrying the length of the music score.You can download a trial version from their website and it includes 5 free songs oryou can buy the program from their website, I think it cost about a hundred bucks… But it also comes bundled in the Pro version of Roxio’s Creator, which I bought on sale for $79 @ Staples, and they include in 10 royalty free tracks also.

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      Sorry for the shameless self promotion but I’d like to mention my site We have a free tunes page so you can use some of our tunes for free in your next project.

      Our music has been used on The Discovery Channel, History, ESPN and many others. We’re constantly adding music and offer unlimited downloads for a monthly subscription. You can also request a specific type of album and we’ll try and get it out asap. With your subscription you also get a discount on any custom scoring you may need.

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      I feel your pain!

      These are all great suggestions. My personal favorite that i’ve been using for the last month or so is The Music Bed.

      It’s got fresh music, the artists on here are actually relevant, and the tunes are so freakin’ catchy that I looked up a few on spotify myself.

      Definitely check it out. It’ll make all those “royalty free music blues” go away. πŸ˜‰

      -Jon Acosta


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      @ The Tune Peddler I am at your site, on site or via email after one signs up, do you have a release document?

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      @Gregory Watts

      Upon request I will email a release form to the subscriber. So if you need one just send me and email after you sign up and I’ll send it right over. Thanks for asking.

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      @Tune Peddler: I checked your website and I saw a couple of good tracks that I can use for my video projects! I might sign up this month so I will be emailing you too about the release document. Thanks for sharing!

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      @daxalain5 Thanks for checking out my site. Please let me know if you need anything else. I’m always adding music and try to make the newest album released very different from the last album so there’s something for everybody.

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      Amazing prices $2.00-$5.00 Lowest on the Net. My music is featured on Americas got Talent, Big Brother, MTV, Sky Sports, Top Gear and others.

      There really is no better deal on the internet than this.
      High quality drama scores, piano works, orchestral pieces, battle drums, choral work, rock, funk, hip hop, house, dubstep, ambient and electronica.
      Completely Royalty Free – full licence – no need to credit or report usage, lifetime licence, edit with no restrictions

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      AvatarGeorge Milstein

      Give a try to high quality stock music marketplace:


      Really good selection of hand-picked royalty free music for films, commercials and broadcasting.

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      Here’s a wonderful royalty free music site –

      Royalty Free Music

      It’s not your usual run of the mill stuff.

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