Revised VIDEO needs feeback

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      As preveously stated…

      this work is coming from a first timer, so be gentle….

      please lend me some feedback, as i would like to create for videos of similar nature…

      just better of course…

      video can be found here….

      thanks in advance,,,

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      Excellent – It was under 10 minutes which is about the attention span of most. The quick jump shots to the music was much better and I still loved the video wall usage. The truck/crane/dolly shots seemed to be better spaced out.

      My only point would be that about 7 minutes in the music levels seemed to fluctuate in an annoying manner.

      Other than that – Splendid!

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      thanks for the quick response.

      i didnt notice the noice level increase at 7min… not sure what happened there.

      my biggest issue with the video was the music transitions… i think i found decent music, just had a hard time blending them into transitions…

      i hope others like the quick jumps that match the beats… i fealt that was an 50-50 chance.


      thanks again.

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