***Reviews of Panasonic SDR-S150?***

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      I finally found a camera that seems to be right for me. Cheap, 3CCDs, optical zoom, records to SD card!

      So I was wondering if anyone had used the SDR-S150before and if so, did you like it? Do you think I could get jobs with it? Does it have manual focus? Can it do rack focus? Headphone jack/other jacks? Also, B&H have it for $600. Can I get it even cheaper somewhere else? What about a tripod?

      Thanks a lot! Just trying to buy smart. Chris

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      What I mean by can I get a job with it is that since it has 3CCDs, it fits job descriptions on craigslist.

      When I bring it to a shoot, will I look dumb because I don’t have JVC’s hugest camera or will I be able to get good footage anyway and impress the client?

      Thanks again!

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      Remember its not the tool you have, its what you can do with the tool.

      I am a bad example though cause i just stick in on Auto and shoot. Anyways I am looking at the same camera, so anyone any advice??

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      OK, guys. I researched, since I might be buying a new camera soon. It was between the SDR-S150, the AG-HSC1U (also Panasonic), the JVC GZ-HD7U and the Canon Vixia HF10.

      Basically, the SDR-S150 is an SD only camera that shoots video and photos to flash media. There is no viewfinder, the color balance is more blue-ish than average, the average price is around $579.00. There are 3 CCDs.

      I’m not going with this camera, only because it’s solely SD, and the reviews I saw said the image quality wasn’t that great since the 3 CCDs are really small. The reviews I read were off PriceGrabber.com. Also, this camera is shaped and performs about the same as the Aiptek camera I already have. Why buy something I already own?

      In the end, I’m going with the Canon I mentioned above. There were very few problems with it. The JVC looked cool but has no headphone jack and is hard to edit, along with average video quality. The other Panasonic also has no headphone jack and is really expensive. Canon for me!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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