Review of the Canon Vixia HF21

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      I had the off chance to grab this brand new (SRP $999.99) for $499.99. I was really impressed. So where do I start this review?
      1st, recording in almost impossible conditions.

      We did a talent show and I sat up at the back of the auditorium, it was a long distance away, I was using a shot gun mic on the attached mini-shoe. All the lights were turned off, the the audio people kept having trouble. However the quality of audio and video were unbeatable. I was also freezing as I was sitting by some glass doors. It was mounted on my Ravelli tripod.

      2nd Zoom quality. I went to a local place called Swan Ridge, a mountain top overlooking the lake (video not on net) and zoomed in on a white spec across the lake, at least several miles. It was a camp site which I could see very clearly, and the people milling around. When I took the footage back into studio I was amazed to see that I had caught an eagle fishing, it was amazing footage.

      3rd Features. The camera has all the features of the big pros, external mic’s (mini) and a mini-shoe with an optional Shot Gun mic that gives the most excellent quality audio, It shoots in mts format and also in 24FPS mts, and I did shoot video and it was unbelievable, quality, but I need to keep it on a tripod as it can get blur if you run with it.

      4th The manual control is still on touch but it is very easy access and allows for no jitter movement. It also come with a full wireless remote, which has proved itself handy.

      5th The body is all aluminum, makes it heavy sort of, but the balance is perfect, I removed the hand strap and it gave it excellent balance. The aluminum body is tough and rugged. I was very pleased.

      I will post more video from it to share with you, but over all if you can still find one it is well worth it. I got the last one B&H had when I ordered, it was dis-continued after I placed my order. I think maybe way? It gives you a lot near pro features and quality for a consumer price. I am sure there are still a few out there, and I intend to buy at least two more, the quality of the camera and the output is well worth it.

      Reviewed by Greg

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      Good info, Greg, thanks for sharing.

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      Here are 3 move videos I shot with this camera, they were sunsets that I videoed for over 2 hours then timelasped.The third one is of an old Ghost Town not far from me.
      Music By Kevin MacLeod
      Music by Kevin MacLeod

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