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      I received my Sony VX1000 this Thursday, and put it into service this Saturday. I bought it as a backup from my Canon GL2, and wouldnt you know it, the day of the event my zoom went down. I have been in the business for a few years now so I knew not to let them see me sweat. As I pulled out my Sony VX1000, the first thing that one of the relatives said was “Wow that is a great camera.

      Ok, this is important; I truly believe that size DOES matter. I have read plenty of postings from other videographers who say that they can pull out their mini-camcorder with its CMOS chip (such as the excellent Canon HV30), and with their aura of professionalism pull it off. With all due respect, I think that is crap. Bottom line, the bride or Bar Mitzvah mom does NOT want to see you walking around with a video camera the same size of the one Uncle Robert has. Yes one can dress it up with an external mic, light and brackets, but it is still a mini camcorder. You need to show them you are serious about shooting their event by bringing equipment that looks serious. This camera is solidly built, and was not too heavy. I had read from someone that they thought the construction was flimsy. I dont understand how they can say that.

      Now let us talk picture quality. In my opinion the picture resolution was just as good as my Canon GL2. The color was not as good, but not bad for a single chip. In low light, you quickly realize that this aint the VX2000 or VX2100. But I use a good 50 watt light during my parties, and had no problems. During the personal messages, I found I had to stand back a little father, but that was not too much of a problem.

      Ok, if you are a weekend warrior like myself, and have a low end package, this camera is for you. A nervous bride that is worried that she got an armature videographer will take one look at you with this camera, and start worrying about something else. For all you guys turning your nose up at this fine piece of equipment, go out and spend the 5gs on that other camera.

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