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      is there any way of bypassing camera capture software and not using it?

      Can I just load my images from my canon hf10 straight into my windows media files?

      the software is a pain as it has a small amateur editing suite on it and wont allow you to snip without going through it. I dont want to lose quality if my raw has to go through other programs just to get to my main editing program.

      my old canon was easier – at least you could snip while downloading – so much for hard drive camera’s….

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      well the HF10 records to AVCHD so even though you don’t have to use Canon’s software, you will have to either convert the files before throwing them into WMM or have an editing program compatible with AVCHD

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      ok, so is there a downloadable program that can convert files easily?

      My editing program is Corel pro x2 and I was told it is better than WMM but it wont convert or pick up the files apparrently.

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