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      Ok so I have an internship in September. I haven’t sent out my resume or cover letter or demo reel yet. I am coming straight out of college. But I don’t have any projects that I have done to put in my demo reel.

      If you were going to hire a video editor, what would you look for in a demo reel? Examples please?

      I want to be creative. Do I just send a resume/cover letter/demo reel in a normal envelope. Or what? Anybody have any ideas. Thanks. I appreciate the help!

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Being an independent, I have no experience within the industry, but I have seen a lot of videos done by young people. On the whole, creativity is rarely an issue.

      Most of these people have more creativity in their little finger than I could ever muster. What I do often see though is a lack of a sense of timing and of how to relate their creativity to the subject at hand in a way that enhances the story instead of distracting from it.

      I can understand that you want to show off your abilities, but be sure and apply your effects to the right subjects, at the right time and with the "story" in mind, so that they do not appear to be apart from the video, but an integral part of the video.

      Alright. That is a good tip! Thanks for the reply.

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