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      Hi Everyone,
      Hope you’re all well, just wanted to share a project and series I’m launching to help my local artists have a visual outlet that can get them exposure and new fans. Take a look at the first video, it’s a band called Mother Mother and they are putting out their 3rd record on the 15th of this month (March)

      This video is probably a bit premature, our studio is still being built and gear is still being aquired, so tips, suggestions, and comments are very much welcome on this forum.

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      I’d kick off the video much sooner than 35 seconds into the piece. Most will simply click away by then. Careful with those long dissolves. Mixing them camera motion makes it hard to hang with. Those long shakycam shots are a bit too much for me. I do a lot of live music videos so I do understand but in this case, it’s just a matter of cutting away or grabbing another take. Be aware of your lighting/exposure. Much of these shots felt way too dark. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed in post.

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