Require a bit of assistance!

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      Hey everybody!

      Sorry to be wasting your time like this, you all probably have something ebtter to do than answer a simple question such as mine.

      Anyway, im using the latest version on Sony Vegas to start.

      And the thing I was wondering was: How would I go about putting one video over another?

      By that I mean like one big video is going on while there is a smaller video going on in the top right hand corner.

      Sort of like news/sports shows where they talk and theres a picture in the corner of the screen imitating what they’re talking about, except rather I want that to be yet another video.

      Sorry if this has a name haha, im just not too familiar with Vegas just yet.

      Thanks so much.

      Please ask if you still dont get what I mean!


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      It’s called picture-in-a-picture or PIP or PiP in/on most programs that provide something of the nature. I am totally NOT Sony Vegas so I cannot further address your question, but I know many of the programs currently in use offer a way to accomplish this – some more automatically or spontaneously than others.

      You WILL be hearing from the host of SV users here shortly as they catch this thread and receive the technical answers you need as per Vegas.

      Don’t consider yourself a time-waster. I’ve run into them and you’re not one…

      …yet πŸ™‚

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      Thanks alot Earl!

      Really appreciate it.

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      Are you using Vegas Pro or Movie Studio version?

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      Vegas pro mate.

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      I was stumped over this same problem during my first experience with Vegas Pro. It doesn’t work quite the same as most consumer video editing programs. The topmost order of video tracks matches the display order of clips that overlap. Place the corner-specific (PiP) video track above the background video, and then click a small blue-white box with an arrow on the track’s set of controls. Here you should be able to adjust size, location, and 3D positioning.

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      Omigosh thanks so much mate!

      Really appreciate it. Worked out exactly how I hoped.

      Thanks again!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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