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      Hey everyone!

      My organization is putting together a budget studio, but with so many cameras to choose from, it’s difficult to figure out what our best choice is. I’m seeking professionals help here. We’re on a budget, so high-end professional equipment is out of the question. Our budget is around or under $800.

      This is what we need:

      True 1080p format

      Mic on cam and/or audio/min in

      Ability to mount on a tripod

      HDMI out

      Note – The camera will be used for a small budget inside studio with medium to bright lighting.

      Thank you all for your help!

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      No, I have not seen a completely invisible camera yet, sorry.

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      Sorry… For some reason my original text kept posting in code, so I had to delete it an re-enter

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      I have a little Panasonic handheld that I bought as a travel camera. Most the newer models are upgrades in the same line they just have different features. such as Lots of great reviews.

      I know my camera had a 5.1 mic on top, but unless you want to spend a
      lot of time in a NLE balancing each channel – not to mention you need a
      NLE that supports surround sound editing – the only way you will ever
      hear the 5.1 surround is if you play original footage straight from the
      camera. For basic editing, the NLE can get confused on the channels and you will get strange audio after edit. Rarely is this ever needed so that mic to me is more of a gimmick – though I HAVE used it. I am not sure if their current handhelds have 5.1.

      In any case, they do have microphones built in.

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