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      I record sports for a small college teams using my own Canon GL2. The color and sound are great and the production timeline has been manageable. I’d shoot a game on tape one evening, do a little editing overnight and deliver discs to coaches the next morning.

      Because of changes in the conference, we’ll need to produce discs for the opposing team right after the game. Consequently, we need to record directly to some type of device in real time. I’ve seen several concepts used at other schools…outputting the signal to a computer, recording to a DVD deck, etc. but am looking for the simplest, most cost-effective method.

      Does anyone have a recommendation? Details are appreciated…

      Incidentally, I still plan to record to tape as well, for archival purposes…I’ll use that copy to create highlight reels!

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      According to this 2004 review at there should be two ways to record out to another device. I have one but have never attempted to do any recording to an external device except using the firewire port and an appropriate cable. The review states:

      Ports: The GL2 contains all the standard ports for connecting your camcorder to external devices. Transfer of digital stills is done via a USB port. The camcorder includes a single standard DV IEEE 1394 (Firewire) in/out port for transferring video from camcorder to computer. The camera also has a mini RCA port with a cable which converts the mini RCA into full-size RCA ports. This port can function both as an in and out port just like the S-Video port on the GL2.

      I suspect that like the XL1 system the GL2 remote control has to be used to prevent certain information visible in the viewfinder from being burned onto your external device.

      Regarding use of an external device, I’ve used XL1 units paired with an old Panasonic MX12 mixer via S-Video and audio outputs into an equally old Casablanca standalone editing system, and onto the unit’s hard drive. I’ve also fed the GL2 firewire output into that device.

      Your most simple solution, probably, is to acquire a standalone consumer DVD burner deck or VCR/DVDR deck with either/and/or S-Video, RCA analog, firewire I/O. You have the camcorder so YOU do the experimenting, I don’t have time to confirm, but you should be able to make it happen.

      If I were seriously needing to confirm this capability I’d go to the nearest store electronics department that sells these standalone recording boxes, bring my GL2, the remote, and the three cables for video, plus my audio cable and a tape, tell the salesperson if the unit works as a record-passthrough while my camera is also recording to tape I’ll buy it. Then test that sucker and see if it can work.

      Your most difficult situation is if your GL2 is NOT a stationary unit on a tripod, and if you do not have AC available to your DVD recorder box. If you run and gun like I have done with sports related videotaping, then a much more expensive portable firewire HD system mounted to camera or stay with tape-to-system ingestion and remain up all night are the only other options I see available to you.

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      I have used Scenalyzer to capture three SD cameras to an external hard-disk on a laptop. (This was about five years ago on a dual-core laptop) Perfect for what you are trying to do.

      3 DV cameras
      Firewire hub
      Firewire Externall HDD

      I would imagine that a quad-core laptop would work even faster.

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      Thanks for your quick responses. I’d seen some pretty specific instructions for recording to a DVD deck online and wondered if other alternatives have been successfully adopted. Folks at the electronics stores in my area are not particularly adept at answering such questions or providing answers. Will look into both options. The “Scenealyzer” intrigues me as I’ve never heard of it. Will investigate both. Thanks again.

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      There is definetly such a thing as a Firewire hub, but you will need to make sure it records streaming video and has a convenient way of battery power if there is no outlet.

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      A friend of uses a Toshiba dvd recorder with a fire wire connection for recording single camera shoots direct to a dvd so he can hand them the dvd right after the event. He also records on his camera tape so he has a backup.

      I own one of the toshiba recorders but have not tried this.I got mine for under $100 at sams club. They are not exactly a field recorder you will need 120vpower for the unit.

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      I have a copy of Adobe On Location CS3 on a lap top and it will record silmutaniously on the laptop from your GL2 firewire, in AVI, exactly whatis going to the tape. each scene is in a separate file and is easily edited. On Location comes bundled with Premier Pro. I am not sure if you can buy it as a stand alone product.

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      birdcatcher – did you find a solution?

      This is exactly what I do for HS teams; we tape and record to 2 dvd’s as we record with 2 sony DVD Directss (about $180 each) and you’ll need any camea (I use a mini dv) with a fire wire outlet. I use an old JV that no longer functions, as it does not record during the process, only transfers video feed to dvd player.

      Email – TheCoach-at-mchss-dot-net with any questions

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