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      Mark Holder’s excellent review of the Datavideo DN-60 solid state video recorder and comments from several folk on the Sony Vegas Forum led me to purchase this device — about $500 from B&H plus $89 each for two 32gb memory cards and another $20 for rechargeable batteries and charger.

      It’s excellent; I’ve been using it almost daily on an extended shoot. It records to 32gb cards — about 2.5 hours per card — and runs on four AA batteries, which last 4 hours or more. Its well illuminated menu, accessed by an external dial on the device, makes choosing running modes a breeze. It can use either the Fat32 or NTFS file systems and can be set up to record with or without tape in the camera.

      The connection to the camera is Firewire; the memory cards download via a standard USB card reader.

      Two and a half hours of material takes about 10 minutes to finalize, after which the card can be popped into a card reader and downloaded (another 8-10 minutes.) We’re shooting with both tape (for backup) and cards.

      The device is quite light, even with four batteries on board. I’ve been using it on a tree, along with two wireless receivers, on a monopod, climbing all over a huge construction site. No problems.

      I don’t usually get enthusiastic about gear, but this is a winner — much more reliable and easier to use, from my experience, than either Firestore or City Disc. Take a look at Holder’s review.


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