Replay MediaCatcher 2.10 problem

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      Iam trying to download clips off

      using Replay MediaCatcher 2.10 ,some people had success ,I did not.

      here are the problems –

      * It records to a .Mar extension format
      ( Microsoft Access, like powerpoint)
      I was expecting a format of either .flv .swf
      or avi, or something)

      * its still active after you stop recording and the file gets bigger
      Please can someone tell me how to get it to
      save to a video standard format.
      And why it will not stop increasing the file size after you click "stop recording".

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      Skip that software. Instead, use this site:

      They let you download YouTube videos in a plethora of formats. They add a little splash at the end of the video, but you can edit it out if desired.

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