replace low res footage with high res in final cut pro 7 project

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      I am partnering with another editor and am not familiar with Final Cut Pro 7. We use one 20 minute low res clip for our project. We set up a sequence that matched the video – cut it up as our new project. Now we want to replace that 20 minute low res original clip with our high res 20 minute clip (identical content). We are having trouble trying to figure this out. We tried to disconnect the media and reconnect it with our new one and that worked fine. The problem is that the sequence does not match the new high res video. Our new footage is 1280 x 1080. Any suggestions?

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      What you’re doing is correct. You simply reconnect to the high-res clip. But you have to manually change your sequence settings. That should take 5 seconds to accomplish.

      With your timeline window selected, press Command + 0 to access the Sequence Settings.

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      Thanks so much for your reply. We will give it a go and hopefully all will be fine. Thanks again,


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