Repeated problems with audio delay in DVDs created in Ulead

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      I’m having a seriously frustrating issue with Ulead. When I burn a DVD, the sound and picture sync up fine for the first hour or two, but after that there’s a noticeable delay. It’s happened on every DVD I burn.

      When I view the MPEG in Windows Media Player there is no problem. When I preview the DVD footage in Ulead before burning it there’s no problem. But when I burn the DVD and review it the audio lags behind the video around the second hour of footage.

      I’m using the DVD Extra Long Play setting to record in WinTV, then I’m editing out parts I don’t need in Ulead.


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      Something like this happened to me once using a different program. What I did was export the program as one Mpeg file. I checked it to make sure the audio was sync’d and then burned the DVD from the file. It worked ok then. Hope this helps.


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      I have to edit the MPEGs in order to get them to fit on one disc. Do you think the editing part is causing the sync problem? Because the MPEG files sync up before I import them into Ulead when I view them.

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      I use Ulead moviefactory 5all the time and have no problems with out of sync but then i only put 4.7Gb of informatin on toa singledisc. You said ‘that it OK for the first hour or two then it goes out of sync’ how much are you trying to burn on to the DVD? If you are using theMPEG compression options in the programme, this could happen. I have always only burnt a maximum of 3 hours on to a DVD. Whatcould behappening isby setting a low qualityMPEG settingthe PC when renderingdegrading the MPEG file so much that when it is burnt on to the DVD it is a ‘corrupted’ file and the picture audio sync is already out. there is another way to get a lot more on to a singleDVD- and that is to get a Duel Layer DVD burner and use Duel Layer DVD doubling your Gb.

      hope this helps

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      Had the same problem with that also. It made short movies fine but on longer ones the audio would be 2-3 minutes(not seconds) off. Only way I could get it to work was to set it to limit the video to 10-15 minute parts, then use a video joiner to put them back together. You should look for a better program before making your next movie, that program had alot of bugs.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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