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      Hello all,

      I want to shoot a promo for a website. The promo will consist of a guy sitting at a desk in an office underflorescentlighting. So nomovementreally.

      I want to shot it in something that looks good, but I do not want to buy a anything. So I was going to rent some equipment from a store locally. But I have never done this before so not sure where I should start.

      So do you guys have any tips on what type of equipment I should rent? I will be editing in the video in AdobePremierand have a prettydecentcomputer for power.

      Thanks for your help.

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      Sorry I also meant to add, for sound also. Do I need to mic the speaker, or will the camera pick up clear audio.

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      ALWAYS mic your subject

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      Since you’ve never done this before, you probably should rely on the advice of the rental facility. Tell them what you want to do and find out what gear they have that will do the job. You’ll need a camera, tripod and wired lavaliere mic with a 15-20′ cable. Keep it as simple as possible.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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