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      Hi there, I’ve been charged with finding and renting a 2nd video camera for a coming production that I am involved in helping out on – our main camera is a JVC GY HD111e and we’re looking for a second camera that will be cheap but will be able to be shoulder-mounted & record in HD to miniDV’s. I have sent away a few emails to some companies I found in the Yellow Pages and am awaiting a list back from these companies with the available cameras but I’m really just asking for some real-world advice here.

      I’m based in the UK and have never rented any video equipment, I would just love some advice or for anyone to share their experiences of renting a camera as I would like to know a little and not be completely ripped off! Have you ever rented and how much did it cost? Did you find any way to squeeze more value out of the rental? Any hints, tips and information would be greatly appreciated. =)

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