Rendering problem?Some scenes work other are black ?

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      I have Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and I am making this
      video.When I play it in Sony Vegas all the scenes are shown on the
      preview screen but after I render it as wmv. or avi. and open it from
      computer some scenes work and some scenes are black . All the scenes
      have the same settings but they come from different episodes of the TV
      Show but all the episodes work on my computer.I have no problems when I
      play them.
      What can I do ?please help , I really need to finish this video soon!
      Thank you

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      do you have the most up to date version of 8.0? Usually, black video would suggest a codec issue.

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      another thing…. if you have the latest and “greatest” quicktime… revert back to version 7.6.2 apple screwed up the works with the latest releases and it doesn’t play well with Vegas

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