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      If I import footage captured on my HDV cam, and set my project properties to DV and edit it in standard def. (for the sake of making editing smoother) can I still render it out in an HDV format so that the end product with be in HD? I’m new to Vegas, and I love it! But the choppy previews and lag are really annoying. Thanks everybody.

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      If you want to render out in HDV you want to set your project up as HDV. If you look in your Vegas manual there is a section on “Creating Proxy Files” This allows you to edit in a less processor intensive format and then when you get ready to render out in HDV it will replace the proxy files. Not sure of the full process for this as I do everything in HDV.

      Vegas has some free video tutorials at their website I’m not sure if they cover this or not.

      Good Luck


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