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      hey all,

      I have a 8 hour presentation that I just finished editing. It’s multiple files that total just under 8 hours. I was hoping to make this a 2 DVD set for the organization, having about 4 hours on each DVD. Though ideally it’d be great to fit all on one DVD!… is that possible? I do want it to have decent video quality as well.

      How do I fit these onto the DVD(s)? I’m new to the DVD and video realm and can’t figure this out… I’m using Sony Vegas and DVD Architect. Should I render at a much smaller resolution? Currently using 720X480 and they seem to be too big to fit on the DVD Architect session, the ‘DISC SPACE USED turns red and shows like 15 gb’s. I know they can only handle 4.7, so what do I do? Make this a multi disc series? Or compress it? If so, how and how much!?

      Thanks for any help!

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      Are you able to use double layer DVD blanks with your software and system? If so, you might want to try that. Using standalone DVD burners I’ve been able to get up to 3.5 hours of decent-looking video on a DVD blank, but not using my Mac-related software without a bunch of trial and error. Talking heads with static backgrounds require less, moving video with lots of action takes more.

      I’m by no means a tech head on this so here’s hoping others more familiar with your software and equipment will have better answers for your dilemma.

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      As Earl said, you have the option of Dual Layer DVD’s which will hold 8.5GB of data/video. You could also burn SD (widescreen or standard) to BluRay which can hold up to 25GB (50GB for dual layer), but not all workstations in your organization may have BD.

      You could back off on quality (size or bitrate) but that would be noticeable.

      If it were me, I would keep the highet quality possible and go with multiple discs.

      Another option is since it is for one company, they could host the video files on their network and you could play from there.

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      I can do dual layer.. .do they play on all DVD players though? This is a talking head presentation, so I did try to lower the bitrate to 3.5kbs and it def. dramatically shrunk the file… but now the quality is too low.. i may go up to 4.5kbs and see where that leaves me, if I can get everything on one dual layer, I’ll do that.. if not, I’m fine with fitting all this on two DVD’s.

      But again, do dual layers play on any DVD player?

      Birdcat, that’s a decent idea, but no sure that it’d work for this particular application, but I wouldn’t have thought of that so thanks!

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