Rendering Blu Ray

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I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro and rendered an hour long video in both H.264 and MPEG4. When played in a PS3, the H264 played for about 20 minutes then started getting jerky; became un-watchable. The MPEG4 copy worked fine.

I've never had much sucess with H.264 - either in rendering, and now in playing the DVD.

Anyone have any suggestions on other settings with H264, like frame rate?


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yea, are you check the setting ,codec

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H.264 codec provides high video quality at substantially lower bit rate, and is most popular for its use on HD DVD, Blu -ray disc. It requires fast CPU and lots of RAM to play it. Your portable player may not have the fastest CPU to support the nice playback of most H.264 files, so I suggest when editing your video in Premiere Pro, you'd better choose lower bitrate.