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      Hi everybody,

      This is my first project on adobe premier 2. I try to export mpeg dvd-2 of a 40 minutes wedding video but it is showing ETL of about 7 hours. Already 3 hours pass. I check this forum and somebody say that it should not take u more then 4 hours of an video of 1 hour or so.

      I used Pentium 4 ,3.0GHZ, 1.0 GB of Ram. 200 gb hardrive (which only 15 gb is empty). I seperate my hard drive in two 40 gb for running the program and rest for the video projects. I used Radeon 9250 graphic card.

      I was wondering if only the 15 gb space availble is the problem or do I have spend some money and buy a good Matrix card.

      Any help will be highly appreciate

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