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      So, I have Sony Vegas Pro 10 and I have a slightly older version of DVD Architect Pro 5.0.

      I need to render the audio of my project in AC3 for Architect Pro. I can’t do this because it says that I need to install and register a copy of DVD architect to unlock the AC3 plugin.

      No way around this…so forget reinstalling. It also has nothing to do with the fact that I am using 5.0 instead of 5.2 because I had the same problem when running Vegas 9 Pro with Architect Pro 5.0.

      My question is this…

      I notice that I can output my audio as AC3 for Architect Studio. I then can open this file in Architect 5.0 pro with no problems. What is the difference between the two AC3 formats? They both say stereo DVD 48k 192kbps. Can I simply output as an AC3 for Architect Studio and then stick that AC3 into Architect Pro to get around the original problem, because it seems to be letting me do this? Any reason I have to output to AC3 in the first place instead of another audio form? Why is it best?

      I don’t know much about audio, so any help will be appreciated…school me!


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      Hi Navy –

      I have not had this problem (I’m still using Pro 8 & DVDA 5.0) but you might want to post the question on the Sony forums – They have been helpful for me in the past (just beware of the occasional flame):

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      navy, my machine has Vegas Pro 8, 9 and 10 on it as well as DVDA 5 and 5.2 and I have no problems using either version of DVDA.

      Even though you said to forget uninstalling, that’s my suggestion as something got corrupted with your version of DVDA.

      You can use AC3 Studio but you lose the customization options that the Pro version gives you.

      AC3 is recommended but, as long as you tell Studio that you’re using it (can you?) there’s no reason you can’t use PCM (i.e. WAV) audio.

      The only drawback is that the file size is considerably larger which may restrict the overall length of your videos unless you lower the video bitrate to compensate.

      Mike Kujbida

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      I would agree with Mike on this one. I have pro 8,9,10 plus DVD 5.0 and 5.2 no problems here with AC3 I would try a reinstall. Something there has been corrupted

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      Thank you for answering the question regarding using the studio AC3 instead…that is fine by me..I don’t need any customization options…

      Perhaps I have a “special” version of Vegas…in which reinstalling doesn’t activate the plugins, etc…hence why I said “forget reinstalling”…as that isn’t the issue.

      Thank you for the help though guys….question has been answered…

      Now I don’t have to buy the $200 codec…..

      I don’t like spending money….

      On anything…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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