Rendering 1080 60i for youtube

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      This is talked about in a lot of places, but for some reason I can’t find the best settings as my footage looks really good and clear before it hits youtube, but then on youtube it looks like this:

      That’s the best I could do and I get there by doing the following.

      Project Settings:

      I match the project settings with one of the source files, then I change field order to progressive scan. Pixel format to 32-bit floating (full range), Compositing Gamma to 2.222(video), Full resolution to BEST, Deinterlace = None.

      Render Settings:

      Main Concept Preset Internet HD 1080p, the only changes I make are that I check off TWO PASS, and in the Project Tab, I change the Rendering Quality to Best.

      Remeber this is 60i footage. So if you have feedback please be sure what you’re suggesting is relevant to a source file that’s 60i.

      Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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      For full HD on You Tube you need to render it as mpg 4.264 files, if your editing tool does not have this setting, download Handbrake, or cocoon software’s Quick media converter . Both are free, and my experience with Quick Media converter, have been excellent.

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      I forgot to mention, the quick media converter has a You Tube button and asks if you want 4×3 or 16×9 format. I use this tool every time I am preparing a video for You Tube

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Larry is right, for best video quality on YouTube use H.264. You can also check another free program called MPEG Streamclip.

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      Can you shoot in 1080P? If not resize to 720p and de-interlace the footage when rendering in H-264.

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      I always use .mxf 422 in Vegas – and it works very well – even if it is upconverting what I have recorded. It is the least compressed, and Youtube actually processes this as it uploads, and not AFTER.

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      Ok, I tried some of these recommendations. But so far no great results.. so a few more Q’s:

      Charles I can shoot in 1080 60p, but I’m afraid that the files will be so damn huge I won’t be able to edit them… or that it’ll take even longer to render than it already does. Am I wrong about this? Also, in vegas how can I render in h.264. I don’t see that anywhere??

      Doublehamm, do you change the field order to progressive? Youtube says it prefers progressive? I just did one as interlaced and it came out crummy:

      Then I tried progressive and it came out bad too:

      What am I doing wrong? Am I missing some setting. I’m importing the files direct from my camera, as 1080 60i, matching the project properties, and then rendering using mxf. They look like crap tho???

      Larry, what do I render my file as initilaly before putting into Cocoon’s quick media converter?

      Thanks all, I have to get this up soon and really don’t like how crappy it’s looking.

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      I usually shot in 60i not in 30p I find if you are shooting a subject with lots of motion 60i handles to moves better that 30p and it looks like you are shooting in a relatively dark environment. I usual got that level of quality when i was shooting in dark environs when using my Canon Vixies , an hf 10 and an hf 200 with 1/3 sensors So you might ad more light in the venue if possible Or check your camera setting for low lite shooting.

      As far as your video looks, I shoot some similar stuff and some times use the tool in Vegas to increase the contrast and lite levels and build up the color depth and use the Sony sharping tool by sharping just enough for the video to look good then render ntsc dv widescreen mpg 2 and then when its done i use the the quick medias tool and get the quality i want.

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      This is as much light as I can get at this venue. I’m using a TM900, 3MOS, not great, but does a decent job. My renders look great when I play them on my computer, but when going to youtube not as good.

      I just noticed they default to 360! When I went to HD they def. look better, so that’s a big piece, BUT they are jittery and sort of jump a little and are not smooth. Why would that be? You can see it here:

      Do you see it? Full screen at 1080 or 720. It looks good, but in her movement there’s sort of waves going down her. Is that interlaced artifacting? If so how can I fix that.

      So far that vid is the best I can get which is using .mxf, matching the poject prop’s to the media exactly, then on the render setting just changing the field order to Progressive and the Video Rendering to Best.

      How can I stop that wavy jitter stuff? And keep everything nice and smooth on playback?

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      I shoot our church services in 1080 60i – with no special lighting… I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 with the following settings:

      Render as: Window Media Video V11

      I created a template call Youtube Video: hit the custom tab

      Video – CRB

      Format – Windows Media Video 9

      Image Size – HD (1280X720)

      Here is one of my clips…

      Pastor Jerry Alexander

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      Well done chuck. What camera is that? I’m guessing you’re zoomed in so whatever it is has some good glass. I did notice some artifiacting on his collar, it’s those sorts of things I’m trying to limit or remove altogether.

      I’ll try your render suggestions and see.

      It’s odd to me, that with all the folks shooting 1080 60i there isn’t one set of rendering settings (or perhaps 2, one for minimal motion and another for hi motion), that is what’s used for uploading to you tube. I don’t get it?

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      Larry, when I try to install and use cocoon QMC, it asks me to install ffmpeg, which I can’t find an executable for. It’s saying that that executable isn’t found, but I can’t find the actual ffmpeg program to install. Any help?

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      I’m using a Canon XH-A1s… an yes, I’m zoomed on pretty good… shooting from the back of the church.

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      It be great to have a clear thread for what someone should do who’s shooting 1080 60i and rendering in Vegas (or through handbrake or QMC).

      Anyone out there get STELLAR quality on Youtube who wants to draw up a step by step from importing the file (project property settings) to render settings?

      I know there’s videos on this, but most are for video games!! and others just aren’t that good… if you did a video that’d be even better!


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      Vegas to Youtube, Vimeo and the Web.

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      I studied and tried the methods in that video, I even went and tried the ‘BEST’ method they refer to:

      to no avail.

      This is what I end up with:

      You can see how it’s a tad blocky and there are some jitter lines through the image when she moves.

      Any thoughts on what I should be tweaking? I’m way out in the deep end with all this and still strugglin.

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      QMC will automatically download ffmpeg, if you didnt let it, uninstall and load again

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      Shawn, do you have manual controls for your camera, it may be that the shutter speed may be too slow.

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      It’s generally a good idea to avoid interlaced formats whenever you can. I find that 720p, for most applications, is indistinguishable from 1080i.

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