Rendering 1080 60i footage

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      Hi all,

      I have a TM900 and am trying to find out the best way to render my projects for web viewing using Sony Vegas.

      I’m new to this, so please explain clearly. I’ve looked all around and found some setting that work ok, but I’m wondering if I should be doing something to de-interlace my footage. If so, when (before I edit, after I edit? and How (another program??)?

      Thanks for your help! I LOVE vegas, and am excited to be learning a lot right now.

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      Check out the excellent tutorial titled Vegas to Vimeo, YouTube and the Web


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      That was thorough.. thanks. I did try it though, and the playback of the file on my computer was a tad jittery… not smooth. I run win xp sp3, 3.5gbs, core2duo 2.66ghz. Is my computer just not fast enough to play a 1280×7220 file smoothly? Is it because I rendered 1080 footage down to 720?

      I thought lighting was going to be the bane of getting into video.. turns out rendering is right up there too.

      Any help?

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