Render Issues. Please help

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So, I would like to burn to DVD. I have a timeline which is 30 minutes. Everything was shoot with a DSLR, I have some after effects stuff on the timeline as well. I have tried to render it as mpeg4 but, I get a error message saying check my settings. I'm not sure why this is.

Could someone please tell me what is the best render settings for DVD? I tried mpeg2 as well but I did not get any audio :(

Grrrrr, I need some help.

Thanks for much.

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your audio file will generate separately to put into ENCORE on the audio line. IF you want it to render together, in the media panel, select the Multiplexer Tab, choose DVD. However, when you make the DVD your program will have to take some time to UN multiplex so you may as well generate the two files for your DVD creator. See other posts in this forum about ENCORE.