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      For some time now I have been attempting to render a completed project of mine. However, nomatter how much I fiddle with the settings, adobe premiere elements 9 consistantly stops working when the progress bar reaches 27%. This happens every time, nomatter what I do. I would really like to get the project finished so any help would be appreciated.


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    Whats in your project at that point? Hit ctrl+alt+del and click the performance tab. Likely you will see CPU or memory or even both peak out at that point, which would be a hardware issue. What are your system specs?

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    Before to start rendering, use Ctrl+Alt+Del key to open the Windows Task Manager and check in Applications Tab what is running, after click the Processes Tab and check Mem Usage program turn OFFprograms that you don’t needand using too much memory. Also you can deactivatethe Antivirus for the period you render the project (Free antivurus use more memory thanwell know antivirus program)

    This can help to identify the problem, search also toward recent download program in your computer.

    Clean your computer.



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    Another thing to check is your source video – I know it’s not Elements but Vegas Pro (version 8) has been giving me problems lately in using MP4 video as the source My workaround is to use QuickTime Pro to export as AVI and it works fine. I also convert MTS (AVCHD) files to M2T (MPEG2) so I can use them without taxing my machine.

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