Renaming TAPE Names in meta data (in Bridge, maybe?)

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We have captured some 60 hours of DV tape using Adobe Premier Pro CS3 for a doc project. We (2 different shooters), realized that our varied and inconsistently named TAPE NAMES that are part of the Meta Data when captured, are causing problems for our editor when we create EDLs (Editing Decision Lists for use in his AVID system)

Is it possible to easily, or globally RENAME our Original captured Tape Names encoded using Bridge or another solution???

We would be most appreciate of a answer or an idea.......hopefully a quick fix! Its 4+ years work on this documentary project...and counting!

Thank you!

Martha Daniel

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I don't believe that the tape name is editable in Bridge, at least it wasn't considered editable data when I tried it.

You can change the tape name in the project window, but I think it would have to be done clip by clip.

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