Removing Unwanted edges from video

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      Firstly I would prefer to complete this task on a mac but i am willing to use windows.
      Can anyone tell me how to remove edges of a video that i do not want.
      I have had a look around and the best answer to this was to use a black picture to cover the edges up, but this will not center the video.
      Please help
      thanks alot

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      You can do this with any professional NLE. In Sony Vegas the feature is called a Pan/Crop tool, in Adobe Premiere, just resize or move around the video in the frame so as to leave out the unwanted parts. Or as you said, move a black solid over your unwanted parts.

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      plan "B" (addendum to advice already given) would be to use compositing layers to add a nice border (think picture frame) around your video clip, then reposition your video clip to fit nicely in the border!

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      Thanks for the suggestions

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