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      Video in Question

      I own the distribution and reprint rights to this video. It was produced in the mid 90’s using analog technology. When I posted it to youtube they just sent me an email saying that the music was owned etc, but not to worry. The owner of the music has now escalated it to yellow, red being next where Youtube limits my account. At yellow I have the chance to alter it or remove it. At red I have to remove it or put up with a limited account.

      I want to leave the narration and the live action noise, but alter the music with Kevin MacLeod’s music. Is there a way to just remove the music track only?


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      Usually YouTube straight up blocks the video if it detects copyrighted music. I have had it happen a couple times. I even had a video after about a year get approved out of the blue by the record label and it was unblocked again ( and then even went on to be featured by YouTube … go figure….

      I am not sure what your issue it – I can still play and hear it just fine.

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      Music blended in with narrative or live conversation is going to be nearly entirely impossible to totally remove … unless, of course, the original track has the music on one channel and the narrative/voice on the other. There will still be SOME bleed between channels, but you’d have a better go at it that way.

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      I briefly looked at the video – All YouTube was complaining about publicly was the use of ELO’s “Roll Over Beethoven” which had no narration (~6:00-8:40). You could easily replace that section of the music track, or any other section without narration, with something else.

      If there are other sections, I would suggest replacing the narration if need be for those sections.

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      birdcat, ok, how can you tell which songs are at issue. I have tried to figure it out. I will take the clip into editing Monday and replace that song (with a disclaimer at the beginning to help explain why the change. I have had this video up before and it went from notice, to yellow then to red. I am hoping to get it fixed before going red again. I can narrate it if needed but I would not have the live action audio. A lot of work to try to replace the live audio. But now that I know it is ELO I have a starting place.

      It is upsetting to watch a show like CSI and watch those awesome techs take apart an audio then even split that apart to find a distant voice say “I killed him” and they got the bad guy, and that voice was under cars, trains, gun shot, music, birds, an airplane and two guys talking.

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      If you go to the YouTube page, it will tell you what songs have been identified (bottom right, in the red box):

      Were I you, I would replace any copyrighted music that doesn’t have narration over it, not just this one.

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