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      Greetings! My first post on this forum.
      I have two questions:
      1) What is the best way to remove distortion from narration? (i.e. the “pop” when you say a word w/ a “p” in it, and when you get too close to the microphone) Is there a software program that does this automatically? I have had some success in removing said distortion in my video editer (Ulead’s MSP7) but am not always able to identify it on the waveform, and it is very difficult trial and error to remove just what you want.
      2) This distortion was not noticeable when playing on my computer. I figure it must be because of the cheap speakers, but am not sure, and would like some advice. Do I need simply a quality headphone, or might my basic soundcard that came w/my Dell computer be partly to blame? I figured that any sound card could handle narration – including distortions, but look forward to any input.
      Thank you,

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      First of all, get yourself a good pop screen for the mic that you use for the narration. Panty hose stretched over an embroidery hoop from Wal-Mart will cost you a total of about $2.00 and works just fine. You just have to figure out something like a mic stand and coat hanger, etc to put it between the mic and your mouth.
      Second. Adobe’s new Audition 1.5 really works well at removing pops, clicks, hiss and all sorts of background noises. It might be a lite pricy but it’s worth the money if your doing all this for good reason other than just for fun. Audition is a really good audio editing software.

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      Thank you. That’s very helpful.

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      I learned the hard way, record it right the first time. Getting a good source is the first rule. Spend time planning and preparing to record the vocal.

      There are many tutorials around to help. Dont try to just record it and clean it up later in post, try and get it spot on from the outset.

      However these things happen, I use cubase, it has some good plug ins that remove hiss, pops and clicks.

      Most audio editors these days feature tools for cleaning up this type of noise.

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      Thank you for your input. Yes, I too have learned the hard way. I’m going to have to re-do all my narration, which will mean re-timing it with my slideshow, which in turn will require rebuilding the slideshow from scratch.

      Believe me, I’ve learned.

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